You are on the Verge of Something Great!

You are on the verge of greatness! It’s like a fluorescent light bulb when you turn it on. It takes a second to warm up and grow to it’s full brightness. Right now we are in that second. The second before the cat pounces. It won’t be long now until things start clicking over. And then victory. Something fabulous is going to be achieved. What’s your next step?

Catch the Wave of Enlightenment…

There has been a theme lately in my tarot cards of victory coming when you decide to walk in step and conform with those around you. Only good can from this and radical transformation for the best possible outcome. It is a sign of a wave of enlightenment pulsing through our vast web of connections. I am not saying to stifle your creativity and lose your own identity, but yet to use your strong suits to assist and work in harmony with the people in your environment. This involves a hierarchy. Tending to march to my own drummer this in an interesting lesson for me as well. Listen to those above you, accept advice from your superiors, be they mentors or bosses or elders and seers. Allow yourself to accept guidance and to have open ears and accept that people have come before you and have gone through and passed the very tribulations that you may be experiencing now. If you have no mentor maybe this a good time to seek one, or to pray for open eyes to seek the teachings of others which you can choose to be everyone you come in contact as you view the world and others with the utmost of respect. It is an enlightening time. Use this time to also guide those beneath you who can learn from you and from your vast experience, be they your employees, the youth you support, the children in your family and all those who you affect for you are deserving of respect as well. We all have to fall somewhere in the chain of life and we all can’t be at the top and that is okay. And even if we are the matriarchs and patriarchs of our family we can still rely on the spirit and guidance of those past. The sky is larger than us and space is larger than the sky. The chain is unending. Add to the universal pot that everyone is a part of, be part of your community, and you will find that that community will experience in and of itself a whirl of good fortune in which you will be swept up into as well. What’s your next step?

You have Won the Battle but not the War.

This reading is for the person(s) who are currently in the middle of some sort of battle, be it with love or money. It appears that you have gained some ground lately, but your work is not finished, perhaps are getting over a little fight or squabble that you probably won. You made a small gain, but it’s not over. The cards are telling me that now is the time to act, and stand strong, you must have deep resolve to move your mountains. You will walk away with a big accomplishment that will make you look favorable to others. Taking this strong action will get you to your goal while enhancing your relationships be they career or romantic. What’s your next step?

Give Yourself a Break.

It’s time to take a break, if you haven’t been braking already. It’s okay to take a breather, you have my permission, but be sure to let people around you know that you need a rest and need time to gather your thoughts. Once you let them know what’s really going on in your head, your loved ones will let you slide a little. Maybe not a lot, but a little. So take some time to gather your thoughts together, recoup from this bout of mild depression, make up your mind, draw up your resolve, and then get back into the swing of things, refreshed and ready to go. This down time won’t last forever, so enjoy it and use it. Perhaps journal a little, make a to do list, talk it out with a friend, then rev your engines and prepare to get back on track. What’s your next step?

He’s an Angry One!

Watch out for the angry, overly ambitious one. He is way too familiar, a taker not a giver. Survey says, xxx bad egg. Instead, take a rest, release yourself from an interpersonal struggle, then proceed with something or someone new. Summer will be good for relationships, but the cards say, first there will be a small battle fought, doesn’t matter who wins – you can even throw it, and then important facts about the relationship and the persons involved, perhaps even yourself, will be revealed. What’s your next step? Xoxo Stina

Shiva Lingam a cure for love anxiety?

To those who are suffering with anxiety from unanswered love questions of if or when. With this shiva lingam stone, I pray for you to find your balance, find your peace, feel comforted and calm and able to quiet your mind, and connect with the power of your self love.

This is my Shiva Lingam stone. It’s a big one. They come in all sizes, but like all of my rocks, I like em big. I found that they are useful for calming anxiety associated with love, also known as waiting by the phone syndrome. What would it be called for the Millenials, “waiting for the text back” I guess. Seriously, I have a texting problem, me and like the rest of the world. So my heart was feeling disrupted, as I am just a regular girl too, and my mind can go crazy when I am boy crazy, and then this Shiva Lingam stone appeared at a rock show and I knew it was mine. I got home and read all about it, and the more I read, I was like good lord where do I put it?

Shiva Lingam, or the penis of Lord Shiva, oh my, are stones that are only found in the Narmada River in India. It’s supposed to represent male and female energy, for it’s shape, as it is phallic – male, and also like an egg, yoni – female. Ok, I can get on board with that, I bought some sort of she-male kind of rock, now that’s punk rock. I knew it was for meditation, but how??? I needed to balance my female and male energy for sure, because when I am love sick, my energies are all out of whack. As I read, it works on balancing the chakras, and is especially good for the lower three chakras, your root, your reproductive organs, and your solar plexus, which mine go all crazy when I am love sick. It can help balance the others, the heart, and throat chakras as well.

My solar plexus chakra, also lovingly called Manipura in Sanskrit, is supposed to glow a brilliant sunny yellow. I feel mine in my gut, that’s where my emotions live. Right under my diaphragm. If I am feeling bad, nervous, anxious, my gut hurts, I get so sick inside, are those called butterflies in your stomach? If so I don’t know what kind of evil butterflies those are, and my Manipura turns a putrid shade of yellow. Ewww bad yellow is just bad. I have beautiful chakras, but good ol’ Manipura is my nemesis. I close my eyes, and I can see everything, but brilliant yellow. I had such a problem with seeing yellow that I got a 40kt citrine ring, the sunniest yellow you’ve ever seen, and I pop that on my hand, and say. YELLOW, Stina, YELLOW. Am I the only person who’s gut gets all twisty when I don’t get the text back? I know I’m not. I’m a professional psychic yo, so I know guts, so y’all, it’s yellow. It’s supposed to be yellow. Close your eyes and imagine a big gorgeous sun or a bright yellow daisy, or for me a giant citrine faceted gem, radiating, right in the middle of your body. And breathe. Let the diaphragm, your breathing muscle, move, as your gem gets bigger and brighter, and grow and lift the energy, of the why don’t he text me back chakra.

Anyway, back to Shiva’s Penis, or my Lingam. Sounds so dirty. So this big guy slept in bed with me for a couple of nights. I slept with a rock, how weird is that? Its not as bad as it sounds. I laid with the rock resting on my gut, but it seemed happiest on my heart (that chakra is supposed to be green). And while I focused on my breathing, I prayed for my mind to be silent, my gut to calm the heck down, yellow stina yellow, and for me to basically just chill out. Next thing I knew I woke up with the rock laying next to me, and I was feeling much better. Wow Lord Shiva, what a guy.

So, oh my god, do you want to hear about the guy? The guy that made my gut do a violent cha cha. I’m sure you know him too. You know the story, goes something like this. Sooooo, I met this guy, and he was really cute, and it seemed like he liked me. We hit it off, and it seemed like he was really on my level. We talked and it was like we knew each other before. However I’m a psychic, so its really not fair. I feel like I have known everyone forever. It really sucks for my love life. Anyways, we went out, and it seemed great… maybe you went out with him a lot or a little, but it happens more often than you know, and then as quick as love comes, love can fade, and the texts get shorter, as mine get longer, and then they stopped coming all together, until it seemed as if he was gone. I think the gut started hurting after the first date, waiting for that first after date text. Hello love anxiety, and Manipura has awakened. And all I can think about is love. What is love, I’m not sure, I think its different for everyone, but I know we all want it, and we all want it to stick around and we all want it to come back. Sometimes its bad for us, and then wanting it hurts and Manipura screams. Yellow. I can’t see yellow. I know the pain. I believe we all know the same pain, we just react to different things.

So, the Shiva Lingam. This stone I found in a far corner at the rock show 5 minutes before it closed. Lord Shivas Penis, wow. This rock is really good. Like I said, I rest it on my heart, and on my middle, and just breathe, and I could rest. I let the struggle of trying to keep a faded love bright, and instead grew my internal yellow Manipura gem. And I was able to let go of some weird hope, and find my internal stillness. Ah yes. I am who I am. Thanks Shiva!

If you want to know more. Call me and we can chat. Xoxo Psychic Stina

Lovers Unite!

Whoa love jackpot! What in the world has changed? But whatever happened love is in the air and what was once good is going to get a whole lot better. Break out the candles tonight!

Single Recently? Have hope, MEN ARE EVERYWHERE! This post is for you!

I am sensing a person, looks like they have just gotten out of a relationship that they thought was a good relationship and are feeling emotionally poor and left out in the cold. It’s a terrible feeling. You are wondering if there was anything to this relationship, and yes it was worth your time and it was very real with feelings returned, but it doesn’t really matter why the relationship ended because you are entering a new chapter in your life, just let the last chapter end without trying to figure out the rest of the story. You are lonely, but a strength is coming over you that is very attractive. I think now would be an interesting time to start dating again because I see men crawling all over the place, and quality men too. One may be a little intense that you will meet over the holidays, but there will be plenty of others. Seriously dating mecca, it’s crazy, I keep pulling cards and they are men men men, tons of them. This will be entertaining and empowering but can also be disappointing too. However, out of this someone special will come from it, take your time and enjoy yourself. Don’t jump into anything serious quite yet. Right now is a good time to listen and learn. You will be meeting lots of people and being a good listener will draw them in plus you will learn a lot about interesting things from very interesting people. It looks like your biggest problem will be that there are too many men! I see financial issues, but they will be in the background. Nothing you can’t handle. Don’t reveal your financial condition so you are not seen as a money grabber. Showing strength and genuine interest is going to prove to be a very powerful aphrodisiac. Things are going to be very different this time around. Have fun and go make lots of friends! If this status reflects what one of your friends is going through, share it but don’t tag them, they will know it’s for them. They don’t have to be lonely. What’s your next step?

Be beautiful.

Expect something really great to happen and many opportunities to simply be beautiful. What’s your next step?

Revamp of the Revamp

Darling you are lovely and growing more so. But when you are tearing down walls of the past, and rebuilding new ones, eventually the temporary emergency housing has to be torn down too in order to rebuild the entire fortress. You will always have the foundation, and at your core you are the expression of boundless beauty. I’m sorry, but temporary adjustments don’t take the place of the final work. It’s like building a dress out of muslin, it’s temporary, it’s a trial run, and something more beautiful is to come, a refined finished product. In other words, after you were hit with big changes, things started to look a lot better, good things began to happen, and you were happy. But you are not stopping there, loss will hit again, I’m so sorry, and then something more permanent, and that much more amazing is going to slide into its place. Sometimes life has teasers and cliff hangers, and sometimes major characters die off or there are special guest stars, and then you go back to the story. Your story has taken a twist, a beautiful twist, that is there to build you up, but it’s a foretelling, a sketch, and it’s going to go away. Next, the real building begins. From scratch. What’s your next step? xoxo Stina