About Me

Do you believe in destiny?  I do, but I also think you can change it.  Wanna change yours?  Call me now!

The majority of my readings are done by phone, text or messenger.  You can call me while you are in your comfort zone, be it from your car, your living room, on your lunch break, or wherever and whenever you have a chance to just stop for a second and re-evaluate what's going on in your life.  My hours are flexible and very convenient for someone on the run.  I find reading from a distance, for example over the phone, has many advantages, discretion, convenience, and most importantly I feel that we are able to be more honest with each other.  When the sight barrier is dropped we enter into a judgment free zone filled with much less distraction.

My name is Stina Garbis, pronounced "Steena" and I have been in this business for 25+ years.  I am consistent, reliable, trustworthy, non-judgmental, easy to understand and honest.

Private readings - Tend to be done by phone or messenger, with a minimum of a half hour.  Special accommodations can be arranged where I will travel to you, however other fees do apply.

Events and Parties - Contact me and we can discuss and arrange your event.  Depending on the location of the gathering, travel fees may be charged.

Business Advisement - This can be arranged for in person or by phone.  The cost will be determined on a project by project basis.


I accept PayPal, Master Card, Visa and American Express.


There is not a question that I can't answer, but there are a few that I won't.  I do not give health advice nor predict death.  While I am fantastic at answering most questions about relationships, especially regarding the thoughts and emotional state of your partner, I do not reveal if there is infidelity.  I am firm with this principle.  While I am very accurate I am not in the business of breaking relationships up.  All readings are done at your own risk and what you choose to do with any insight that I provide is fully your responsibility and I can not be held accountable for your decisions.